Total Anti-Aging Care

Enriched with Hyaluronic Acid and Caffeine extracts, this exceptional treatment has a silky touch. It redensifies and firms the skin.

Smoothed and nourished, it looks visibly younger and beautifully radiant.



Enriched with regenerating Botanical Oils, this exceptional precious serum, with no greasy effect, redensifies and firms the skin.

It unifies the complexion and gives the skin a younger look.


Total Anti-Aging Care

Enriched with Lemon Caviar extract, a powerful cellular regenerator, this exceptional treatment has a silky light touch. It redensifies the skin while refining its texture. Unified and smoothed, it looks durably younger.

Eye Balm

Enriched with HDRegard™, an active anti-glycation perfector, this silky and onctuous eye balm smooths and illuminates the look.

Smoothed and nourished, it looks visibly younger and beautifully radiant.


Enriched with Blackcurrant Bud extract, a cellular booster, this exceptional silky treatment firms, smooths and regenerates the skin during the night.

Rested and nourished, it appears younger and brighter upon awakening.

Eye serum

Enriched with Eyetech, a powerful repairing agent that combats the signs of aging and fatigue, this exceptional treatment smooths the eye contour area, lifts and firms it.

It keeps the look younger and brighter.

Face & Eye

Enriched with Natural Repair, a restructuring and plumping active ingredient, this exceptional treatment has an aerian touch. It redensifies and repairs the skin.

Nourished and firmed, the skin looks younger and beautifully radiant.


Enrichi en extrait végétal volumateur et regalbant, ce baume légèrement nacré au toucher soyeux, onctueux et fondant, repulpe, nourrit les lèvres et redessine leur contour.
La peau des lèvres et du contour est plus jeune, plus nourrie et plus lisse. 


The epitome of the Stendhal Laboratories know-how, Divine Treatment is an anti-aging intensive care which restores the skin in 4 weeks thanks to 4 specific active ingredients.

Week I: Silk Tree evacuates the toxins from the cells to detoxify the skin from within and prepare it for the treatment.

Week II : Reforcyl® restores lipids and reinforces the skin barrier to improve the skin's resistance.

Week III : Tiger Herb repairs the cutaneous tissue, stimulates collagen synthesis to make the skin more dense and toned.

Week IV: By re-energising it, Peruvian Ginseng boosts the cells' activity and the skin's anti-aging mechanisms.



The Complexe Diamant Cachemire™ is the unique alliance of the softest touch and the most precious gemstone.

A Natural Active Texture, without silicone, for an unequalled sensorial experience.
A youth renovator peptide, encapsulated in diamond particles,
that progressively releases its action at the heart of skin cells.

The Complexe Diamant Cachemire ™

• Stimulates SIRT1 protein that increases cells resistance
• Prevents DNA damages, by decreasing cellular stresses
• Reorganizes skin layers to preserve their firmness

Densified and firmed, smoothed and nourrished, the skin looks younger.




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