Since 70 years, Stendhal Paris, French House of Cosmetics, creates effective skin-respectful products and offers to women one of the most sensorial beauty routine.

Its rebirth is marked by the introduction of Elixir de Lys™ in each new skincare formula, genuine anti-dark spots & light nectar, to fit women's lifestyles and prevent their harmful effects, such as pollution, blue light or UV.


In 1946 in Paris, Roger Thirion, chemist and literature enthusiast, created Stendhal. He revolutionizes cosmetics codes in 1955 with Epithelium, the first skincare cure.

Visionnary men and sensitive to women's concerns, he formulates in the sixties Sanseverina, a skincare range based on plants' extracts. In 1980, Bio Program is the 1rst hypoallergenical skincare line sold in perfumeries and Pur Luxe, the brand's best-seller with its famous cashmere texture was developped in 2001.

OUR commitments

Because Luxury should be synonymous with Respect, the R&D teams, at the heart of the Pyrenean moutains in Mourenx are commited to propose eco-friendly skincare products.

Each single new Stendhal Paris skincare is formulated with the maximum of natural and botanical raw materials, and without controversial or animal origin ingredients.

The boxes do not contain leaflet nor insert, and come from sustainably managed forests. By the end of 2021, all new 50ml jars will be refillable.*

*Tous les nouveaux produits PUR LUXE et ELIXIR DE LYS.




French House of Cosmetics, Stendhal Paris formulates since 70 years effective products, respectful of the skin, and provides a full sensorial beauty routine.