Replumping Moisturizing Care

This face care replumps the skin with its melting texture. Saturated with water, skin is supple, fresh and radiant. Vegan.

Replumping Serum

Enriched with Glacial Water, this serum blurs imperfections and smooths the skin. Saturated with water, it is intensely replumped and even. Vegan.


Moisturizing Eye Care

Thanks to the Anti-Fatigue Plant Complex, an anti-dark circle and anti-fine line blurring agent, this targeted eye care decongests and brightens the eye-area. Vegan.

19980606 - water drop macro close up


Stendhal laboratory discovered the acacia’s extraordinary survival secret to desert
environments and has drown from it to create the Complexe Aqua-Mimetica™.

Emulating this tree’s power of adaptation to a dry habitat, it offers a total hydration by catching the water on the skin’s surface, distributing it to the cells’ core and limiting its losses while reforcing the cutaneous barrier. Filled with water and plumped, the skin is fresh, smooth and moisturized.



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