Youth Care

Enriched with Hedychium Protecting Extract This product protects the skin against external aggressors and reduces the appearance of the signs of ageing. Protected and detoxified, skin is smoothed and replumped, and its youthfulness is preserved. Vegan.

Youth Eye Care

Enriched with Oryza Sativa, a natural anti-fatigue agent, this product reduces puffiness, smooths wrinkles and brightens the eyes. Vegan.

Youth Serum

Enriched with Althaea flower, an anti-pollution agent, this serum detoxifies the skin and protects it from external aggressors. Skin is smoothed and intensely replumped, and its youthfulness is preserved. Vegan.

Youth Night

Formulated with an extract of Water Lily Flower, a revitalising biomimetic agent, this product detoxifies and regenerates the skin at night-time. Skin is rested and nourished, and appears fresh and smooth upon awakening. Vegan.

Pollen of White Ginger Blooming in The Garden


From the heart of the Hedychium plant, Laboratoire Stendahl has drawn a biomimetic substance that reproduces this flower’s defence system on the skin.

A true youth shield, the Extrait Protecteur d’Hédychium™ detoxifies the skin, reducing inflammation, protects it from blue light, UV and pollution whilst boosting the energy level of the cells and blocks the ageing mechanisms linked to oxidation.

The skin is protected and detoxified; it is smoothed and its youthfulness is preserved.